Retractable Solar Screens – Houston, TX

Serving Houston, TX & the Surrounding Areas

The Retractable Solar Screens are a great way to protect your home or business from the sun’s UV rays. They provide excellent visibility and control the sun’s heat and glare while blocking up to 90% of the heat before it reaches the window surface. The Retractable Solar Screens allow for outward visibility, making them excellent for maintaining privacy along with heat protection. Rolltex Shutters supplies Retractable Solar Screens for both indoor and outdoor use and come in different materials to fit your needs.

 The Retractable Solar Screens are custom made to fit your openings and can be installed over windows, doors, cover patios and enclose open areas. The Retractable Solar Screen is easy to use; it will begin working automatically when needed. When the wind starts to pick up, the Retractable Solar Screen will begin to retract on its own. There is also the option to set a timer on your Retractable Solar Screen to program it to open or close at the same time daily.

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