Colonial Shutters – Houston, TX

Beautiful Hurricane Protection for Houston, TX & the Surrounding Areas

Colonial shutters can give your house or business the classic appearance you want with the protection you need. Rolltex Shutters has the solution for any kind of weather condition, no matter how severe. With colonial shutters from Rolltex Shutters, your home will be protected from wind, rain, and debris from hurricanes – all while keeping your home cool in the hot sun. In addition, they complete the look of any home.

What Are Colonial Shutters?

Colonial shutters give your home a classic colonial style alongside top-notch hurricane protection. They are characterized by side hinges and their ability to stack on both sides of the window to provide the clean, simple look that is so indicative of the colonial style. Before a hurricane or severe storm arrives, the colonial shutters can easily be closed and latched with locking brackets. You only need a few minutes to protect your home and windows against strong winds, heavy rain, and fast-moving storm debris, making it more simple than ever to prepare for incoming storms.

In addition to hurricane protection, colonial shutters offer top-notch security and sun protection. If you’re looking for an extra layer of protection from unwanted intruders or are looking for an easy way to darken your home during the daylight hours, colonial shutters are an excellent option.

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Rolltex Shutters chooses to stock Croci Colonial Shutters for your hurricane protection needs. Our hurricane shutters have been tested to make sure they all adhere to the strict guidelines of the Florida building code for protection under severe hurricane conditions. When the shutters are closed, all blades lock to create protection against strong winds; they can also shield your home against impacts from flying debris.

Whether it’s shade, privacy, hurricane protection, increasing your property value, or simply getting a new look, Rolltex Shutters has the solution you are looking for. Call us today to get started on adding your colonial shutters to your home or business! We offer free estimates for Houston, TX and beyond!

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