RollTex Shutters did an excellent job recommending products that would best suit our needs as well as installing the shades we selected. Memorial Heights Villages is a new apartment community located minutes from Downtown, and we had shades installed in our Gym, Cyber Cafe and Leasing Office. The shades are perfect in each space, allowing visibility while reducing glare and heat.  RollTex Installers service was great too!

Memorial Heights Villages
Houston, Texas

It has been a little over 2 months since RollTex has installed my rolling window shutters. I am so happy, and they look awesome. I originally had the shutters installed to help lower my electric bills, and I could tell immediately there was a change in the temp in the house, but a couple of weeks ago, there was a really bad storm with nearby tornado damage. I lowered all my shades and the secure feeling was wonderful. I am very happy and highly recommend RollTex. The professionalism of the entire crew was impressive. I say 5 stars !

B. Childs
Pearland, Texas

We are very happy with your work and the agreement. Thank You

Hector Ventura
Team of
Fair Deals Auto Sales
Galveston, TX

Five Stars!!! From the initial contact to the completion of the Job. Exceptional!!! I wish everyone of our contractors operated like your organization does! My job would be so much easier if everyone worked like you!

Mike Hales
Building Manager
Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center


The City found the performance of RollTex Shutters to be exceptional. RollTex personnel established a schedule early in the project prior to fabrication, worked with the client departments to coordinate colors, and training of onsite personnel. They then held to that schedule throughout the work. Notification of each site visit was posted prior to the scheduled date, RollTex then verified that the date was still good for that facility, and arrived as planned. RollTex caused no service disruptions, completed the work, and cleaned up behind themselves at very busy fire and police facilities. Inspection of the work revealed that personnel onsite were very pleased with the performance of the installation technicians and that the facilities had received training in how to operate the shutters. Our punch list inspections revealed 3 minor items at a total of 13 facilities as both the Client Departments and the Project Manager found the work to be outstanding.

Thanks for your special attention while getting this work completed.

Wes Phillips
Sr. Project Manager
General Services Dept.
City of Houston

Thank you for checking Elena. Everything went well, and the installers did a great job. No questions at this time. If something comes up I’ll contact you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bob Herbert

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