Houston, TX

Proudly Serving Houston, TX

Houston, TX is one of the beautiful areas that Rolltex Shutters is proud to be able to serve. It is the most populated city in the state of Texas with about 2.3 million residents.

Houston experiences all four seasons and while it is not located in Tornado Alley, heavy storms whip through the area sometimes bringing tornadoes. Summers in the area are long, hot, and humid with temperatures over 90°F. Winters are mild with occasional cold spells and average temperatures around 53°F. Houston receives ample rainfall each year which causes many parts of the city to be at risk of localized flooding due to its flat topography. The area is no stranger to hurricanes and strong storms producing high winds. When heavy storms and hurricanes arrive, you want to make sure you are prepared.

Hurricane Shutters & Storm Panels

Living in Houston, it’s important to get your home prepared for rough weather. At Rolltex Shutters, we can help! We offer reliable hurricane shutters and storm panels. These heavy-duty, aluminum shutters cover windows and doors on your home to protect it during a storm. They are durable and lightweight as well as easy to install by a bolt or a track. Although there is no way to properly prepare for a hurricane or strong storm coming toward the area, hurricane shutters and storm panels can help.

Our rolling shutters not only provide safety during hurricane season but all year long. We can help you assemble, install, and service these shutters. With a superior level of protection for hurricanes, security, energy savings, and noise reduction, rolling shutters are a great choice for any home in the Houston, TX area. For more information, please give us a call today!

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