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Rolltex Shutters assembles, installs and services rolling shutters which provide homes and businesses with a superior level of protection for hurricanes, security, energy savings and noise reduction depending on the individual customer’s needs. They can be customized to coordinate with the decor and needs of your home or business.

Hurricane Shutters Our rolling shutters are certified to resist hurricane force winds of up to 150mph. We build a unique system that automatically locks into a secure position when the shutter is completely closed, giving vital protection to windows and doors in severe storm condition.

Security Shutters Our Rolling Shutters have been designed to provide your home or business with solid shield with no easy point of force entry for your security. You can rest assured that the rolling shutters are helping to protect your family, your property and your valuable possessions.

Energy Savings & Noise Reduction The Rolling Shutters were tested by our supplier’s laboratories and the performance of the material was absolutely significant to noise reduction and energy savings. They are design to allow customer to roll them to any desired position. They can be entirely closed, open or partially open for ventilation and to allow filtered light. Also the rolling shutters allow customer to choose the operating method that best suits their needs.

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– White, Light Beige, Dark Bronze, Cream, Grey



Not Actual Colors









MOTOR (Regular Switch)

MOTOR/CMO (Motor with Crank Manual Override)

HZ MOTOR (Motor with Remote Control)

HZ MOTOR (Motor with Crank Manual Override and Remote Control)



IGC (In Group Control)

Key Switch

Key Pad

Wind Sensor

The following four types of profiles have been approved by the Texas Department of Insurance (T.D.I.), MiamiDadeCounty and Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI).

44mm Extruded Aluminum

55mm Aluminum Hard Foam (High Density Foam)

55mm Extruded Aluminum

55mm Extruded Aluminum (New End Retention System)

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