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Installing a retractable awning is a great way to expand your outdoor living space. Retractable awnings have a wide variety of applications; they are custom-made to fit your space and can be installed over porches, patios, courtyards, interior/exterior gardens, balconies, decks, and pools around your home or business. They provide excellent shade and enhance the beauty and décor of your chosen area while also providing protection. Installing a retractable awning benefit your residential or commercial property in the Houston, TX area in a number of ways:

Benefits of Installing a Retractable Awning

  • Lower Utility Costs: Awnings limit direct sunlight and lower the interior temperatures in your home or commercial property. This can contribute to lower cooling costs, which makes a big difference here in Texas!
  • Protect Your Belongings: Retractable awnings shield your outdoor living space from heavy rains and high winds, as well as your property’s interiors from the harshest rays of sunlight. Awnings can prevent UV rays from damaging your furniture, your flooring, and even the paint on your walls!
  • Make Outdoor Temperature More Comfortable: Texas is subject to extremely hot temperatures, especially during the summer months. A retractable awning can bring shade and comfort to patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces.
  • Warm Your Home in the Winter: Keeping your retractable awning closed during the winter months will allow more sunlight inside your home, increasing your interior temperature and keeping the heating down.

Our retractable awnings can be operated manually, motorized, or operated using a remote control. We offer a wide variety of control options to fit the needs of any customer. Call us today for more information! We offer free estimates for Houston, TX and beyond.

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When you want to enjoy the hot summers in Houston, TX but don’t want to be in the direct sunlight, you should consider investing in retractable awnings. Retractable awnings will protect you and your furniture from changing weather elements and are an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors. At Rolltex Shutters, we can help you select the perfect retractable awning for your property. We can help you choose a size, style, and fabric that best matches the style of your home. Give us a call today to get started!

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The retractable awning can be operated manually, motorized or with a remote control. We offer a wide variety of control options to fit every customer need.


GEAR (Manually Operated with a crank)

MOTOR (Regular Switch)

MOTOR/CMO (Motor with crank manual override)

HZ MOTOR (Motor with Remote Control)

HZ MOTOR/CMO (Motor with Remote Control and Crank Manual Override)




For a motorized retractable awning we can installed a wind and sun sensors or a timer. With the wind sensors the awning can detect heavy winds that may damage the awning. Therefore, once the sensors detect higher wind gusts, of a certain speed, the awning is automatically retracted. With the sun sensor the awning can detect the suns heat and can extend automatically once the sun reaches a certain position. And the timers can be installed to open and closed the retractable awning daily.

The retractable awning has a wide variety of solid color fabrics and pattern color fabrics.

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