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Stay Protected with Quality Hurricane Panels

Hurricane Panels are heavy aluminum shutters that cover the windows and doors of your home to protect it during a storm. They are typically affixed via a bolt or track. Stronger than typical shutters, they are very affordable. They are durable and lightweight, as well as very easy to install. However, please keep in mind that these panels can have sharp edges, so take care when storing and transporting them.

Don’t Take Chances & Install Hurricane Panels on Your Property

Unfortunately, there is simply nothing that can be done about an impending hurricane except to properly prepare for it. Hurricane panels from Rolltex Shutters can go a long way toward achieving this for homeowners and commercial property owners in Greater Houston, TX.

Available Panels – Galvanized (Steel), Aluminum, Clear Lexan

Available Tracks – Studded Angle, Studless Angle, U-Header, H-Header

The snap cap track can be installed horizontally or vertically. The H-track, U-track, and studded angle panels are available in white or bronze. The snap cap and studless angle tracks are only available in white.

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The Benefits of Installing Hurricane Panels

In hurricane-prone regions, safeguarding your home becomes a crucial step. One effective and reliable method is installing hurricane panels to your property. Here are just a few benefits that come with adding these protective measures.

  • Maximized Protection – Hurricane panels act as a barrier against the destructive forces of a storm. By installing them, you significantly reduce the risk of damage to your windows and doors.
  • Peace of Mind – The mere thought of an approaching hurricane can be anxiety-inducing. With hurricane panels in place, you gain a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that your home is fortified against the unpredictable forces of nature.
  • Cost-Effective Solution – Compared to some alternative methods of hurricane protection, hurricane panels offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on effectiveness. It’s a wise investment in the long-term safety of your property.

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In Houston, TX, we have 4 classified zones (Coastal, A, B, and C) that are broken down into the level of threat from a storm surge. As a property owner, it’s best to know which zone you fall under to understand the type of preparedness you need to be to not only protect your property, but yourself as well. Regardless of which zone you fall under, the threat of any category of storm is enough to increase stress and anxiety.

At Rolltex Shutters, we’ve made it our goal to ensure our client’s homes and businesses can remain strong with high-quality hurricane panels. These storm panels can withstand high force winds and improve the security and sun protection of your building. Due to their design and storage capabilities, you can easily affix our hurricane panels to your windows should a windstorm, hurricane, and other security threat be on the horizon. Protect your property now and into the future with our hurricane panels! We encourage you to contact us today with any questions or to request a free estimate!



Galvanized (Steel)


Clear Lexan



The snap cap track can be install Horizontal or Vertical.






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